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New Compost Bins

New Compost Bins

Hello to our Lovely Customers,

Bob and I hope you are all Safe and Well. The lockdown news is pretty awful regarding the numbers who are being affected by this dreadful virus. We are both really conscious of protecting others and ourselves from close contact. Our crew are also informed, by ourselves, each time they spend a day with us on the farm (not that we need to advise them as they are aware and cautious in their own right). Luckily, work is all outside. Even the packing area is open to all the elements! The various jobs we need to complete are all carried out individually. We do gather together, at the beginning of the working day (8am), for an outside, socially distanced, morning coffee. This is when we have a chat and Bob goes thru’ the list of duties and the reasoning behind said tasks. As the temperature has generally been zero or below, I will make hot chocolate or soup later that morning and we will gather again just to see how it’s going and to warm up!

The great news regarding the lockdown is that the vaccine is on its way. Yaaaayyy!! Bob had to go to the doctors surgery….nothing special….and he came home delighted with the atmosphere of medical staff and patients who were being given or giving the vaccine. They were elated. So, we have to hang on in there. This is going to get to be a good year.

So, the crew (Lucy, Graham & Stu) have worked really well this week. The biggest and bestest job being the new Compost Bins in the Pond Field.
Obviously, we have loads and loads of compostable material being created on the farm. Everything has been placed in the compost bins in the Green Field and they are absolutely chock a block full. The decision was made to erect more bins, – tick! The top layer of compostable material, from the original bins, moved to the new compost bin area – tick. (Thanks Graham) And, oh my goodness, what fantastic compost do we find under the removed material, which has been composting over a long long time, over a year or two! Huge tick!

This compost is ready for placement and will give new life to our soft fruits. Bob and I have been very remiss and have not concentrated enough of our time on our soft fruits. As I said, this is going to be a better year, and we are determined to put a huge amount of effort into growing a much better crop of soft fruit. This will start with the soil. The old fully composted material will be used to cover and mulch the soft fruits….gooseberries, blueberries and raspberries. (The rhubarb had a huge amount of work and compost completed before the end of last year, tick).

As it is winter, certain trees can be moved. A number of Apple and Cherry trees have now been moved. (Thanks Lucy) The reasoning behind the trees being moved varies from environmental reasons to space needed to aesthetic reasons. When we planted the trees, we were probably excited about creating our very own Organic Orchard. However, we were also naive and in retrospect, should have waited to see the lay of the land. Some of our trees have just not grown as much as others, they are still alive but are lagging behind. They have now been moved. Other trees are now in the way of future projects and have also been moved. Others were just in the wrong place and have been moved to make both pond areas much more attractive, especially when the spring arrives and the blossom is on the trees. Tick. Our compost will also be placed around the newly placed trees to give them an extra boost of life and to keep the weeds from growing.

Mrs Pig has now been moved back into the pen with Mr Pig (Thanks Stu), so we expect to announce some good news in just under four months time!

So, not only are we giving an extra boost of life to our land, we ourselves are about to receive an extra boost with the vaccine. As I keep saying good old Mother Nature. Science and the Scientists are just amazing.

Thank you for your continued support, for the return of our boxes and for placing your orders in early. Thank you. Thank you.

Stay Safe,