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New Piglets!

New Piglets!

Hello everyone,

Kate had piglets last Monday. We have seven little ones scrabbling for milk. First day they were obviously a little shaky and sleepy. But, within days, they are now playing with each other and just feeding constantly. They are starting to be a little adventurous and coming to the door of the sty.

We will also have some pigs going to market in the next few weeks. We will then have the full compliment of our pork selection. We will then be waiting a year before this next set of pigs go to market. These will be our final pigs going to market! The finances do not make it viable to keep the pigs. We are quite sad about this as Bob and I have learnt such a lot rearing the pigs. We have enjoyed there company. So have many walkers just looking at them over the fence.

As we have said before, we run our farm as a way of life AND a business. Pig feed has more than doubled in price. Being organic pig feed means that it is even more expensive. We could not increase the pork prices pro rata. So, enjoy any pork we have available over the coming year and a half. We will be taking a ‘hit’ on the pricing. But, heho!

We have also had to make the decision to stop providing milk. This is due to the fact that we need the space in the electric van for the white cool boxes we have. The boxes are for the leafy produce we have available that week for the box scheme. We harvest the goodies and keep them cool till we arrive at your door. We are a fruit and vegetable delivery business, so the crops take priority. We just do not have the room for the milk. So, sorry to all of you, our lovely customers, who were getting your milk from us. It is still available from Bays Leap Dairy Farm, just off the A69 at Heddon on the Wall.

The ducks are still sitting on eggs, so maybe we shall have ducklings soon. They normally sit on the eggs for 28 days and I reckon we are just over half way till the four weeks are up. Will keep you updated.

The polytunnels and the outside growing areas are just going berserk. Everything is growing. Not everything is growing as expected…some crops are slower than normal…the basil and all fruiting crops seem really slow but they have taken full advantage of the warmer and brighter weather we now seem to be having. Others are growing a "tadge" faster than we expected…the brassicas need to have the covers removed as they are outgrowing them and the sweetcorn definitely needs to be planted out. All crops are so weather dependent and this year we have had a slow start to the warmer weather and more rain overnight has dictated the growth pattern. I do not know why I sound surprised…the weather dictates everything which we do!

We are in the process of fixing guttering to the sides of the tunnels. This will help with the excess water which is created when the rain pours and it drains down the sides straight into the tunnels causing lots of wet patches. It’s is not great for nearly all the crops. We are also making extra large hoops to allow us to cover each outside bed. We are then able to cover the fruit and vegetables and protect them from those pesky pigeons. Also those pesky blackbirds who have found the strawberries!

Yes, the strawbs are coming along nicely…ask Bob our chief tester. However, as soon as they go to that tasty sweet red fruit the birds peck them. So, today people…we are covering the strawberry beds.

Thank you for your continuing support. All have a great week and enjoy your 

Fresh Local Organic Produce 

Take care,