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On Trend

On Trend

Hello Everyone,

Well the rain arrived. Thank goodness. The intense heat has gone. Thank goodness.

Here on the farm, work can be carried out in more comfortable conditions and more lush growth is returning. 

We are a very small, but (in our view) beautiful, farm. Much larger farms are suffering from the weather conditions alongside more political intrusions. Having a box of goodies, dropped off at your home, which has ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’ produce within the box and I assume that our lovely customers expect all shapes and sizes. When I say ‘irregular’, I am considering the ‘variety’ of the produce as well as the ‘shape’ of the produce. 

The larger farms generally have to adhere to the rules dictated to them by the large wholesalers and supermarkets…size, shape, colour for instance. Well it would seem that, due to the environmental and political climate, the big people may have to relax the rules. Wonky Veg is about to become a thing. Hexhamshire Organics have obviously been way ahead of the trends!

Not only is our Fresh Local Organic Produce different in looks, it tastes soooo much more intense. Cooking means the produce needs to be prepared with more attention. Not only will your meals be more satisfying as a result of the taste sensations, but the satisfaction also comes from the effort you put into the thinking and prepping. Enjoy!

August is a bountiful month for some beautiful vegetables. We have all the Peppers (see the website for a good choice, photo of Pepper Polytunnel above), Tomatoes, Aubergines, Beans (French and Runner), Cabbages (Red and Green), Cauliflowers, Calabrese, Courgettes, Summer Squash, Leeks, Onions, Kales, Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots etc. The crops are growing due to the planning and planting of months ago. For us to continue to have another great selection of organic goodies over the winter period, we need to plan and plant now. The Lovely Lucy has been sowing for the overwintering crops over the recent weeks. They now need to be planted out. If they are not in situ by the beginning of September, we will miss the opportunity to harvest them during the autumn/winter season 22/23. So, we are going for a huge effort to plant out thousands and thousands of tiny seedlings during the days from 29th of August to the 5th September. We are hoping that these eight days will see us complete the planting. We have started, but there is much more to be done. This means we will not be delivering that week… 

No deliveries on the 1st and 2nd of September. 

We know you will understand, thank you. Bob and I envisage that there will be much more choice and variety over the winter season for you all to enjoy. Somehow I compare the farm to a Chanel or YSL…they also plan for the seasons ahead…wonder what I will be wearing next year! Probably the same as last years season. I am definitely not ‘on trend’ when it comes to the fashion of clothes

We are off now, prepping the beds for the big plant out. All have a great week.

Take care,