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Pear Juice

Pear Juice


We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful colours of the season.

By the time it gets to five o’clock, night time, Bob and I are feeding the pigs, putting the ducks to bed and also locking up the chickens. Then we collect the eggs. The number of eggs we collect in the winter months reduces dramatically.

The temperature drops and our girls will need to use a lot of energy to keep warm, rather than using that energy to produce eggs. During autumn time chickens molt. Once again, energy is used, this time to produce new feathers. However, the main reason they lay fewer eggs is because of the lack of daylight. Chickens need light to tell them to make a yolk…no light…no yolk.
As a result of our girls not laying many eggs, you, our lovely customers are not guaranteed eggs if you order them. We are going to leave eggs on the ‘list’, however, we apologise to you all if they are not in your box after you have ordered them. We will do our best to ensure you all have eggs on occasions.

A big day today! The two pigs, who are expecting, are being moved into the maternity ward. Writing this makes it sound so easy….you will have to wait till next week to find out how ‘easy’ it actually was!

Bob had a really good day at Morpeth Farmers Market. I stayed home to put my feet up…Ha!…I juiced the pears. And o my…the pear juice tastes amazing. We have juiced apples, but never pears and we are delighted with the result.
Both organic Apple juice and organic Pear juice are now on the ‘list’ of produce we have available.

Till next week (keep your fingers crossed for us and the pigs),