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Piglets have arrived!

Piglets have arrived!

Hello everyone,

Well! At long last! The piglets have arrived. The above photo shows the piglets just hours old. This will be the first feed of many. It is amazing how Mother Nature takes over. Sow and piglets all play a part and no one tells them what to do. Amazing.

Unfortunately Mother Nature also had a hand in deciding which piglets would survive…we did loose a couple of piglets, but they were obviously not strong enough to get through the first twenty four hours. The remaining piglets are now all doing really well.

The mum is such a good mum. She is very protective, so we keep our distance. The sow knows Bob and I really well but we would not disturb the piglets….we would know we had done something wrong immediately….mum would be noisy and use her weight to tell us to ‘back off!’ This does not stop either of us popping into the barn for a quick peak.

Obviously, this week revolves around caring for the newbies in the barn. But we have still sown seeds, cared for the other animals, harvested, cared for the overwintering crops and preparing the land for the seeds we have sown.

Last week the vast majority of you ordered your box by Wednesday morning…..a huge thank you as it is such an enormous help to us preparing the boxes for delivery. Sometime in the near future we will be introducing a Tuesday evening cut-off for orders to be guaranteed to be delivered in that week. The reason we will be doing that is that the orders we get each week continue to increase, which is excellent for us, but it does mean each week we have to do more harvesting and more box preparation – and we need time to do that before the delivery days. Many thanks for your help in this.

Take care,