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Podcast is Live

Podcast is Live

Hello from a Freezing Farm,

We have had an abundance of snow this week making for some gorgeous views and pictures. I absolutely love fresh, crisp, real snow. I would say we have easily had a foot of snow this week. We have enjoyed the blue skies and the freezing temperatures (minus numbers), even though it makes for challenging conditions.

We have had frozen outside water taps and the drains have been frozen……not easy when you need fresh water for the pigs and birds. The animals have not enjoyed being in the snow, coming out of their houses to eat only. Bob has needed an axe to break the ice inside the water butts! The doors on the tunnels and green houses have been frozen tight shut. In fact, one tunnel door has broken as a result of door runners freezing and snapping. Some of the pictures we took can be seen on Instagram. The quietness and beauty just cannot be replicated in the photos but I have to say it was magical. The atmosphere, snow creates is here for such a short time in the year, so I have made sure I enjoyed the snow. Now we have the slush and floods to look forward to!

I did not spend the whole time, this week, wandering the farm taking snaps. I did do admin and pack boxes for the box scheme. I did carry out some general duties for the chickens, birds and polytunnels. Oh! And I did contribute to a podcast!!!!!

Yep! Bob and I were interviewed for a podcast, a podcast that is listened to across the globe. Bob really enjoys giving a ‘talk’, so was in his element. Me not so much. I don’t mind letting others take the lead. The podcast lasts about an hour and the content is basically our story of late. Please, if you wish, take a listen.

This is the link to the podcast; Ann and Bob’s No Till Podcast

We have had quite a good response from people all over the world who have listened. The greatest result has been over three hundred extra new followers on WhatsApp in three days! Many people have emailed or messaged saying how inspired they have been listening to the podcast, particularly those of a certain age who also want to start a farm in later life. As I say, it is never too late to start something or to learn something new. Even though our bodies may not feel it learning something new will keep the brain and the body active…..or so we hope.

The box scheme continues to be very popular and we are really grateful for the early ordering. Thank you for your continued support. Harvesting has been a challenge in this severe cold but we will try our utmost to deliver your choices, but apologise for any which can not be provided.

Have a good week and don’t forget that each day and week is, us, all getting closer to the end of this situation.

Stay Safe,