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Poor Spring Weather

Poor Spring Weather

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all good and we thank you for being understanding on week one of the electric van deliveries. All the deliveries were completed in the two days, however, they were very long days for Bob. We have taken on board the issues we encountered and we know that each week will get easier as we master the transition.

Another transition we are undertaking is the website. This week, after over 10,000 orders, will be the last week we use the existing website. An all new and hopefully, funky and functional, website will be available from next week. There will some little changes. The changes will be subtle and I am sure you will take to the new website like ‘a duck to water’. If you do have issues, please inform us and we will ask the designers to iron them out ASAP.

The weather has really being holding us back somewhat. The crops are being planted out but we really could do with more heat and much more light. I am sure you all feel the same and would enjoy sitting and soaking up some rays. April and May this year have both topped the records for cold, wet and miserable months. Luckily for us we have a quarter of an acre of Polytunnels and they certainly help us during periods whether the weather is not kind to us – above is Polytunnel 10 where you can see Chard, Cauliflowers and Lettuces being grown.

Come on June…bring us warmth and sunlight for all of us.

As I speak to you, Kate, our mummy pig is due to deliver. Bob moved Kate last week from one pen to one where she will be more comfortable. She has started to create a ‘nest’ in the pig pen (including trying to take the water hose into her bed!) so she must be on the way to delivery time. We have counted the time from when Kate and Royal had ‘fun’ and it is now the three months, three weeks and three days later. That is the gestation period for a pig. Fingers crossed for Kate.

More news on the piglets next week, till then, have a good one.

Take care,