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Potato Harvest

Potato Harvest

Hello Everyone,

It does seem funny to say it, but the school summer holidays have arrived! Parents must be delighted as they can now take a break from the home schooling.

Our grandson, Finn, who is now two and a half, has had lots of ‘farm schooling’ from Grandad Bob and Grandma Ann. However, the school holidays will not stop his farm schooling. (Bob has a succession plan in mind for the farm).

When Finn arrives arrives at the farm, he plays in the compost, runs up and down the polytunnels, rides the tractor (always with a grown up), feeds the pigs, let’s chickens out of the coup, makes paths with mulch, helps to attach trailers to the Defender (always with a grown up, in fact everything is always with a grown up), checks the trees and picks the fruit and vegetables which happen to be growing. I have to admit that it is a wonderful life for a little one.

The home schooling we give is always about safety but mainly about the fun…..and we have such great fun with our little one. One huge joy is watching our grandson’s face while he enjoys his life on the farm. He is extremely lucky to be able to do things, or as we say… business. I particularly enjoy when he harvests. He knows where food comes from. We should all know where food comes from….not the shops, but the farm.

All food starts at a farm. There are different types of farms, but one way or another it is a farmer who brings in the harvest.
Our farm is a small farm, an Organic Farm. We are bringing in the harvest. Bob and I, with lots of help from Lucy and the grandson, are bringing in potatoes (the actual ones are in today’s photo), tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, onions, garlic, shallots, aubergines, carrots, cabbages, chard, leeks, spring onions, leaves, beetroot, celery, beans, radishes and all the herbs. We hope you enjoy. Probably not as much as our little one who just loves digging up the potatoes and carrots and eating them (yes, soil’n’all!). He laughs out loud when he sees a cucumber or tomato on the vine (yep….they do not stay on the plant for long…..straight in the mouth!). Hopefully there will be some left for you, our lovely customers.

Thank you for placing your orders in early, such a huge help to us both.

If you are taking holidays, enjoy.

Stay Safe,
Grandma Ann👩‍🌾