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Power Cut!

Power Cut!

Hello Everyone,

Another week just seems to have disappeared!

Bob and I hope you received your box last week per the order you sent? We did have some challenges putting the orders together – with all the wind blowing last week, we had no power for over twenty four hours. We had no electricity, no hot water, no heating, no lights and no internet. We were very concerned about our fridges and freezer. We did not open the fridge or freezer doors and everything was absolutely fine. Phew! So, fingers crossed, all was well with your boxes.

Our lovely pigs have all had a bit of a move. The young piglets have been separated into a girl and boy pen. Royal Standard now has the young piglets Mum in his pen. Our other lovely lady is, fingers crossed, pregnant and is now in a new pen on her own. The older pigs have been moved from the Orchard Field to a new pen with all the other pigs. That is except two of these pigs. They went to market.

Our Organic Pork seems to be very popular with you all, hence, more going to market.

A few weeks ago, I sowed more seeds. They are now ready for planting out. Bob has begun this by planting out the Pak Choi. Other plants will be planted out as we acquire the space in the polytunnels.

Inside the polytunnels the beans are all producing lovely flowers of white and pink. French beans will be ready in the next few weeks. The spring onions are looking fab. The lettuce and leaves are lush. The leeks are buttery. The squash are colourful. The celery and cucumber ready for picking. The cabbages are solid. The apples are crunchy. And we still have tomatoes!

All have a good week,