Ann's Farm Journal

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……and we have had some rain, hooray! Somehow, the grass greened up over night. Nature working it’s magic.

We are still watering, particularly inside the polytunnels. Speaking of the polytunnels, we have been able to replace some areas with new seeds or seedlings. The garlic, peas, cauliflowers, Romanesque and some sprouting broccoli, radish, and leaves are finished. More beetroot, carrots, leaves, radish and spring onion seeds have been sown. Pak Choi, Kales and Sprouts have all been transplanted. We are getting much better and much quicker at replacing one produce with another. Our brassicas and salads (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers leaves and celery), leeks, fennel, courgettes, squash, potatoes, turnips, herbs etc have all enjoyed the extra drink this week.

Our raspberries are ready, so this week strawberries and raspberries will be available on our box scheme. Both great for eating, (stating the obvious Ann!), also great for jams and coulis.

Now the pork….we will have pork for sale from this weekend. Our organic pedigree Tamworth outdoor reared pork will be on the website from this weekend. You have shown such a lot of interest in our meat…we thank you. We hope you take a look at the website, try our pork and enjoy the taste.

We are at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday. The weather is set to be very good…perfect for a wander across Armstrong Bridge, have some lunch and buy some local produce.

Have a great week,