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Seasonal Produce

Seasonal Produce

Hello everyone, 

Hope you are all very well. We are all well, tired but well.

Our tunnels are filling up with many more new crops. We have the likes of cavolonero, sprouts, beans, spring onions, carrots, leaves, beetroot, leeks and autumn cabbages all to look forward to. You are all enjoying the tomatoes, cucumbers, chard, peppers, carrots, peas and herbs from inside the tunnels. Outside you have leeks, red cabbage, cauliflowers, broccoli, summer cabbages, kales and onions to enjoy and more of the same with beetroot, squash, sweetcorn, jerusalem artichokes, celariac to look forward to soon. No doubt you are all enjoying the summer squash and courgettes from the tunnels and outside. They are prolific this year, so all recipes greatly accepted. One sent by Lesley one of our customers can be found below. The large summer squash can be enjoyed just filled with other cooked organic veggies and baked with lashings of cheese. 

Our boxes are brimming with an abundance of organic healthy colourful veg for you to enjoy. We do have a great selection for you to choose from. Some veggies will only be enjoyed if you order ‘The Veg Box’ (large and not so large) and ‘The Fruit And Veg Box’.

Each week Bob and I take a good look at what is available to harvest and to place into your boxes. We can only use what is available. Generally, the choice we offer has been correctly assessed. If you want to eat Fresh Local Organic vegetables, then ‘The Veg Box’ offers this. We will harvest all the goodies from the field and tunnels as it is ripe for picking and then your boxes will be filled.

Generally, each week we actually say the crops which will fill your surprise boxes. This week we will not be suggesting what will be inside ‘The Veg Box’ and you will have to take it from us that whatever is placed inside your box it will be seasonal and harvested as close to delivery as possible. You can still choose from the ‘Create Your Own’ choice. This will still be available.

Mother Nature is our silent Crew Member. She plays a very important part in the team. However, we never know what she will bring to the table…literally, the table! This is why we have our ‘The Veg Box’. Not only are the contents a surprise for you, our lovely customers, they are also a surprise for us! Bob and I can walk around and marvel how a broccoli or cauliflower head just appears. We are delighted when we harvest all the tomatoes and the next day there are many more colourful baubles of sweet tomatoes. Good old Mother Nature.

So, I am off to discover what is available for you all this week.

Have a good week,


The recipe from Lesley:

You will need -

Olive oil for frying, Courgettes, Eggs

Tahini, Lemon juice, Garlic, 

Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onion, Parsley, Mint, Sumac

Pitta breads

Cook the sliced courgette in oil until golden brown. Season and set aside.

Hard boil the eggs and slice when cool.

Whisk the tahini with the lemon juice and a garlic clove and 3tblsps of cold water.

Chop and Mix all the salad ingredients together.

You now should have cooked courgettes, boiled eggs, salad and sauce…serve in toasted pittas.

Enjoy. Thanks Lesley.