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Spring Arrives

Hello Everyone,


Bob and I have added up, that since the beginning of December, we have had four occasions of ‘proper’ deep snow with temperatures as low as -12. The snow always looked stunning but did cause problems…..we missed deliveries of our box scheme and many of our market days were cancelled. We do apologise for all the disruption.

However, work still goes on….the pigs, chickens and ducks have all been cared for. The amount of snow we have had has created a very wet and consequently, muddy ground. The animals need a lot more attention during muddy times to prevent any damage or ailments to their bodies. The living areas also need more care as all the animals do get mucky with mud. Plus, the addition of frozen pipes has resulted in more time needed while we constantly fill buckets and watering cans!

Earlier in the year I started sowing the first seeds of the season. This is one of my favourite things to do, working in my office (the greenhouse). The idea that a tiny, tiny seed can be placed in wet compost and left for a few weeks and then produce tiny seedlings which will grow into a vegetable you can eat on your Sunday dinner……amazes me.

The seedlings which were sown are now growing really well. So well that the cauliflowers have been planted into one of our polytunnels already! We have also directly sown carrots, spring onions, peas, spinach and rhubarb chard this week. The broad beans, turnips, spinach, leaves are all coming along nicely.

We are able to be a little ahead of the sowing season because of our fantastic polytunnels. We are so happy that our seven polytunnels are up and more importantly, filling up with seeds and seedlings. Our new season of organic vegetables will be in your boxes soon.

Well the snow has all but gone, the weather is picking up, the nights will be lighter as the hour goes forward. Spring certainly has arrived….hooray!