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Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

Hello everyone, 

Spring has sprung!

And, as you can see above, our seedlings are springing into action. Such a good thing to see. The atmosphere in the greenhouses changes completely…from a blank, black canvas of trays and compost to spiky green shoots peeping above a blanket. The lovely Lucy has been living in the greenhouses when the weather has been poor, the result being dry and warm for Lucy and thousands of seedlings growing and soon to be ready to plant out in the polytunnels. The year is moving into the most productive two seasons, spring and summer. They are also the most hectic. The cycle of seeding, transplanting, watering, feeding and caring for these thousands of individual plants is constant.

These two seasons, as I say are very productive, we intend to make sure that the autumn and winter seasons are just as productive. Our intention is to have a constant supply of Hexhamshire Organics Fresh Local Organic produce throughout the whole year for you our lovely customers.

We have also planted out the Shallots and Jerusalem Artichokes into the Pond Field. Radish have been sown directly into the polytunnels. Plus we are trying horseradish this year. This has gone into the test bed near the greenhouses. The test bed may become the horseradish bed, if successful, as it is quite invasive once established. Hence, planting away from other crops.

One thousand fresh strawberry plants arrived last Thursday. Bob, Graham and Lucy are busy preparing the five large strawberry beds alongside the fruit area, behind the ten tunnels. The strawberries will then be planted and we will wait to see how many we get this year. So far we have planted 200 plants, only 800 more to go. But as Bob says…”this time next year…” will hopefully bring an abundance of strawberries.

Royal and Kate are back in the Well Field with the other pigs. We have five large pens which enables us to move the pigs around so allowing the ground to recover and be reseeded with fresh food and grass for the pigs. However, the parents (Kate and Royal) decided that they really didn’t want to be in this new pen…the great escape occurred as Royal literally lifted the heavy metal gate off its hinges with his snout! Off the couple went, for a wander around the field. They soon returned home when the blue bucket of food was shaken. The gate has since been secured in place with rope. So far they have stayed home.

Lots of leaves are being placed in your Veg Box and Fruit and Veg box. They may come in a compostable bag. The bags are made of potato starch and can be placed in your own compost (a well maintained compost with a temperature of 25C). They will decompose within the year. Placing them into a commercial or local collection compost bins…this will take about six months. They are expensive to buy but we think they are worth it. (By the way, please do not place them in the recycling bin, thank you). 

Off to the tunnels to do some crop caring,

Take care everyone,