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Thank You for coming to our Open Day

Thank You for coming to our Open Day

Hello Everyone,

First and foremost a huge thank you to all our lovely customers who came to our farm on Sunday in the pouring rain! We had had rain for about five days and some serious rain fell. As a result we had some really wet areas on the farm, particularly where the pigs live.

Bob and I considered cancelling the day, but only for about two minutes. We thoroughly enjoyed the day, and are very pleased that we chatted to so many of you.

Bob does enjoy giving a ‘talk’ (two in fact), especially when the listeners seem to soak his story up. We hope that you all now realise how hard we work but also how lucky we are to live where we live and that, even tho’ it is a very physical occupation, we thoroughly enjoy all aspects of Hexhamshire Organics.

Not only did we have our open day for you, we also had a number of like minded farmers from across the country visit us earlier in the week. We held a day of ‘innovative farmers and the no-dig approach’. This was organised by the Soil Association and Paul, who is our greatest help from within the Soil Association. He is from the nationwide producer support team and he only lives five miles away from us! He is definitely becoming a firm favourite of ours as he has an unbelievable amount of knowledge when it comes to soil management.

The Soil Association are very keen to promote innovative techniques like the ‘no-dig’ approach which maximises soil fertility and controls weeds. We seem to have found a way to reduce the number of weeds we have whilst also improving the fertility of our soil – and Bob was only too pleased to be able to give one of his ‘talks’.

It was really lovely to see you all,