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Today is our Open Day

Today is our Open Day

Hello Everyone, 

The Open Day is today, so this maybe a short and sweet note.

As ever, the thoughts are that ‘we are not ready!’ keep going round my head. This is soooo true, however, we always have stuff to do so, we will never be totally done and ready. Those coming will see us how we are and I hope you all enjoy the visit.

Obviously, this week we have been getting ready for today. But we have also had to be continuing with the normal day to day running of our farm and business. It has been made slightly harder for myself and Bob as our Lovely Lucy has been away from the farm and been on her own family farm to get organised for her wedding which took place yesterday. Lucy is now a "Mrs". Huge congratulations to the Bride and Groom. Bob and I must now get into gear after a late night celebrating…never a dull moment!

The summer season crops are still going strong for us here. As I have mentioned in the past…whatever the gardening books say, we are generally a few weeks behind the information given. We have the polytunnels which also extends our growing season. Our cucumbers have finished and our aubergines are coming to an end but, the pepper tunnel is still going strong and our tomatoes will be available for another good few weeks. Even though it is the autumn season our summer fruiting crops are grand. 

The over wintering crops of brassicas are now all planted out. The leafy orientals, salads, rocket, spinach and chards are all on the verge of being planted into the tunnels. As we have increased our outdoor growing area, so the indoor growing areas have increased. We have the available space within the tunnels to grow more of these organic leafy goodies without searching out for the beds. In the past we have always been short of space for the winter polytunnel crops. This year our plan of having more outside growing, leaving more for inside seems to be working. Hooray!

The squashes are all peaking through the dying back leaves of our squash plants. Lovely autumnal colours are dotted around the Orchard Field beds. They are like jewels of yellows, orange and differing shades of greens. Looks great. 

Such an abundance of vegetables and I have not mentioned the onions and garlic in storage. Or the red onions which need to come in and be cured. Or the leeks, radish, cauliflowers, turnips, beetroot and more. This farm just keeps on giving, all year round…which is The Plan!  

Already we have started collecting the apples from the trees. We have had a huge crop this year. Our weekends during October will be spent juicing the not so good apples, while the really good ones are now appearing in your boxes. Once again the pear trees have not provided many. Not sure why as our neighbours trees are very full. We may have planted them in a huge frost pocket or maybe we still need to be patient and maybe next year… 

Well I am going back to it…

May see you later today, if not, take care,