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Variable Weather

Variable Weather

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are well and dry!

Saturday was so very wet. Bob did arrive at Armstrong Bridge with every intention of setting up the cart and staying for Jesmond Food Market. However, many of the stall holders had decided to stay away, some arrived and soon left. The weather dictated that the market was not practical for us.

It was one of those days! In the Shire we had water water everywhere. All the ditches over flowed into the lane. The fields were totally water logged. Polytunnel seven became quite spongy . Part of the herb garden was totally immersed in water. The animals all stayed at home, except for the ducks! We still have pools of water lying around but where has all that water gone? Seems we are about to have dry weather for the next week or so…..we will be watering next week!!!

The polytunnels are now all full of seeds or seedlings. Both greenhouses are full of new seeds and seedlings for the next phase of polytunnel planting and for planting in our outside areas, photo above is part of Greenhouse 1. The seeds sown are our summer crops….cucumbers, peppers, chillis, melons, aubergines and TOMATOES….my favourite. Theses are all for indoors. Out doors we have globe artichokes, Aztec broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, celeriac, squash etc. It has been all go for Bob and myself. This year we are going to be even bigger and better.

Till next time,