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Very Hot

Very Hot

Hello Everyone, 

We have blue sky, slight breeze and it's very sunny. It is hot! Marvellous. Such a pleasure to be working outside in such pleasant weather. The tunnels…not so pleasant. They are a little tooo hot to remain inside the tunnels for any length of time. Above you can see Polytunnel 7 with tomatoes on each side and runner beans down the centre bed. Very hot in here , above 34*. They will be watered from below, as will all the tunnels. 

It is a good job there is always plenty to occupy ourselves with in the outdoor growing areas. 

We are still busy harvesting the garlic and shallots. Generally speaking any garlic or shallots you order are fresh from the ground. The garlic has a real subtlety to it when it is this fresh. It was in our top five sellers last week. Hope you are enjoying cooking with our garlic…we can call it ‘Hexhamshire Organics Garlic’ next year as we have been using the cloves from the previous year over the last two years and we are entitled to then name the garlic.

This week we have peas and sugar snap ready. Anyone buying one of our Veg Box, Fruit and Veg box or the Large Veg box will probably be having a bag. Along with lots more of our Fresh Local Organic Produce.

Bob and I forecast what will be available to harvest, from all our produce, that week on a Saturday. We make a management decision as to what will be ready for harvesting on the Tuesday and Wednesday and then deliver on the Thursday and Friday. Bob then updates the website on a Sunday morning with all our goodies for you our lovely customers. Generally speaking, we make the right call. We consider the weather. For instance if it is freezing outside, we may not be able to harvest say brassicas, if it is wet, strawberries are a no because they are rain damaged. The number of times a particular veg has been chosen may also play a part. Kohlrabi is not an item to everyone’s taste, but then cucumbers are extremely popular. Then the season, obviously, dictates the items on the website.

Orders placed on a Sunday gives you the best opportunity to see the produce we have available. Monday ordering is fine to, except when we place the notice on the top of the page of the box you are ordering which says that the shop is closed! This happens occasionally, last week for instance. As we say on the notice, we will carry forward into the following week, any orders placed after Midnight Monday or if the shop has closed. We do apologise for this but we need to be able to complete a week of packing and delivering, in an orderly manner.

Especially as we have to consider the ‘Delivery Boy’, our ‘Front Man’. He officially becomes a pensioner this week! He maybe your ‘Delivery Boy’ but he is my ‘Old Man’!

This ‘Young Lady’ is now going to harvest some peas. Have a good week and go easy on Bob, please. 

Take care,