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We have two rows of Bedford Giant Blackberries in our soft fruit area - as well as a lot of blackberry bushes in our hedges. This provides us with a good harvest of blackberries during September and October. As well as selling punnets of blackberries a lot of these blackberries go towards our incredibly tasty blackberry jam.


Within our soft fruit area we have five rows of Raspberries (two rows of Glen Doll Summer fruiting raspberries and three rows of Autumn Bliss Autumn fruiting raspberries). We therefore have a steady supply of raspberries from early Summer through to October.


A major part of our soft fruit area is allocated to growing Strawberries - we have 1,000 strawberry plants! The variety we grow is called Elegance which provides large lovely tasting fruits during the Summer months.


We have one row of Medana Tayberry bushes. A tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. The fruit is reddish-purple, is large, cone-shaped and tastes so nice. The fruiting season for tayberries is July and August.


We grow our blueberries in our fenced fruit cage to protect the berries from being eaten by the birds. The blueberry harvest is well worth looking forward to - the berries taste amazing and the blueberry jam we make is out of this world.


In the fruit cage, alongside the blueberries, we have our gooseberry bushes. A fantastic tasting fruit which tastes amazing in a whole range of deserts.


We have a very large rhubarb patch which means we have a long period where we have lovely rhubarb available. 

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