Our Produce

Orchard Fruit

We have an eighty-tree fruit orchard which we planted when we first bought the farm, the orchard comprises 50 apple trees, 20 plum trees and 10 pear trees.


We have six different varieties of dessert apple tree: Blenheim Orange, Greensleeves, Rajka, Spartan, Bright Future and Egremont Russet. Harvesting usually takes place in late September/early October. The trees were planted 10 years ago and have now matured to the point where they produce a lot of apples. The apples are either sold as dessert apples or are used to make one of our best sellers: apple juice.


We have four types of pear tree in the orchard: Doyerne Du Cornice, Beth, Concorde and Pitmaston Duchess.


We have five different types of plum tree: Victoria, Marjories Seedling, Heron, Yellow Egg and Blue Tit.

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